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The Resistance is a curated reblog (and occasional blog) in this divisive age of reckoning. It is a place to find aggregated quotes from the writers, speakers, artists, and activists we are following.

We post excerpts of articles on politics, Christianity, religion, tribalism, culture, music activists, current events, new movements, hopeful stories, and emerging progressive voices that we discover and feel compelled to share.


As Christians and people of faith we can no longer be silent. Opposing voices have been the loudest voices defining who we are for too long and their time is up. Criticism is essential for any meaningful self-reflection and growth. We are critical of toxic rhetoric and mean-spiritedness. We are critical of our increasingly materialistic society, the war economy, and the prison industrial complex. We are highly critical of the Church’s silence and inaction regarding the least of these (and often support for the exact opposite). — We are critical because we love. We are the local, neighborhood, grassroots revolution.

We support

We support The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, the homeless, the separation of church and state, refugees, immigrants, racial equality, diversity, social justice, the abolition of capital punishment, The Truth & Reconciliation movement, and universal healthcare. We are critical of Washington’s ties to corporatism, hijacked conservative fundamentalist evangelicalism, the so-called religious right, and militarism.

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Why curation is important to the future of journalism

“Running a curated blog is not just about finding interesting content to share. It requires selectivity, context, and relevance.” — How To Create a Successful Curated Blog

“Curators help navigate readers through the vast ocean of content, and while doing so, create a following based on several factors: trust, taste and tools.” — Why Curation Is Important to the Future of Journalism